Jean Stimmell

Resume of shows & exhibits (January 2015 through August 2018

Date     Title          Venue          

1/04/-3/1/15         Mythos     Great Concord Chamber of Commerce

1/07- 1/31/15     New Work     NHAA East Gallery, Portsmouth NH

7/4-7/31/15     Evocative Landscapes/     Crust & Crumb, Concord, NH

     Mythic Dreamscapes

7/9-8/14/15     “Becoming Gaia”     A National Juried Exhibition: Force of Nature: Exploring the                                         Power of the Feminine, Karl Drerup Gallery, Plymouth, NH


7/31/-9/22/15      “Surfer entering unknown”

     “Séance”     Juried Exhibit, “Foggy View:” Gallery at Camera Commons

                      Dover, NH

8/5/-8/30/15     “Heron Rising from Lamprey”     “Greetings from NH”, NHAA members

          “Foggy Morning on Jenness       RLL Main Gallery, Portsmouth, NH     


9/2-9/25/15     “Resurrection”     36th Annual Parfitt Open Juried Exhibit

                    Robert Lincoln Levy Galley, Portsmouth. NH

9/15     “Spring Snowstorm”     First Annual Forest Society Photo Contest     

                    Third Place, Landscapes

10/04-11/14/15     “Sculpture in Portland”     Juried Exhibit, “Travel Stories:” Gallery at Camera Commons,           

     “Antique Car”       Dover, NH

11/4-11/28/15     “Garden Totem     16th Annual Joan Dunfey Open Juried Exhibition

                         Honorable Mention: Cash Prize

                    Robert Lincoln Levy Main Gallery, Portsmouth, NH            

05/06-07/30/16     “Resurrection”     Center for the Arts, Members' Invitational Show

     “Garden totem`     New London, NH

06/01-07/03/16     “Playing the Blues”      Exhibit, Gallery at Camera Commons, Dover NH                    

06/01-06/30/16     Exhibit: “Along the Merrimack”      Seven Photo Exhibit, Crust & Crumb, Concord, NH

06/03-07/01/16     “Playing the Blues     Kimball Jenkins iPhoto Exhibit

                    Concord, NH

07/17-09/11/16     “Gaia”          Juried Exhibit, Gallery at Camera Commons,                       

     “Facing my Shadow”     Dover, NH

08/31-09/24/16     Reflections on Time     37th Annual Parfitt Open Juried Exhibit

                    Robert Lincoln Levy Galley, Portsmouth. NH

11/26-01/10/17     Juxtapositions     28 photo solo exhibit

                    Epsom Public Library, Epsom NH

01/13-04-15/17     Getting Together on the Lake     Juried Exhibit, Gallery at Camera Commons

     Buddha Resurrecting

     Sunset on Thanksgiving     Dover, NH     

07/08-08/27/17     "Eternal Summer"                              Juried Exhibit, Twigg Gallery

     A Spreing Morning

     Foggy Morning Boat     Boscawen, NH

07/16-09/24/17     "Islands"                                Juried Exhibit, Gallery at Camera Commons

     Moon over Island

     Foggy Morning Boat     Dover, NH

8/09-9/17/18      "Everything Happens So Much"     Juried Exhibit, Kelley Stelling Gallery

                         What is Really Real                           221 Hanover Street

                                                                                    Manchester, NH